A Thousand Snowflakes: Book Now Available

by David on December 16, 2009 0 Comments
It's official: the book version of A Thousand Snowflakes is finally available to you online! We can't be more excited! Follow one of the links in this post, or click on the cover below to be taken right to the book page -- see you there...

A Thousand Snowflakes: Book Preview

by David on December 15, 2009 0 Comments
The book is almost ready! A Thousand Snowflakes is proud to bring you our first book publication, A Thousand Snowflakes: Four Point Style. We're hoping to have it available on Wednesday, December 16th, so be sure to subscribe via email or add our RSS feed to your reader to keep up to date (Twitter and Facebook coming soon!) For the meantime, here is our cover image and a few of the pages from the book A Thousand Snowflakes: Four Point Style to wet you appetite:

A Thousand Snowflakes: The First "A Thousand Snowflakes" Poster is Now Available!

by David on December 14, 2009 0 Comments
The poster is now available via Zazzle! I am so excited to bring you this poster, the first of many products from A Thousand Snowflakes. As promised, the poster is available in four different prints -- black, green, blue, and red (see right). As of right now, it is available in the all sizes, but the largest version is quite pricey -- I'd recommend either "small" or "large". If you order before the 17th of December, shipping is guaranteed before Christmas, so place yours now, and thanks again for supporting A Thousand Snowflakes. We also have a charity we are donating a portion of our profits to, the American Lung Association, so please check that out above as well. More to come!

A Thousand Snowflakes: Poster Preview

by David on December 7, 2009 0 Comments
I've finally finished getting the layout done for the poster -- A Thousand Snowflakes is yielding the fruits of its labors! I'm so excited to make this available to you, and we'll be giving you a variety of ways and styles to show your support. The poster will be available in two sizes -- a small budget size and a larger premium size -- and have at least four color options: basic black, blue, red and green. Here is a sneak peak of the "coming soon" poster of a thousand hand cut paper snowflakes from A Thousand Snowflakes:

A Thousand Snowflakes: Doing the Math

by David on November 23, 2009 0 Comments
The first round of this project is completed -- I've made one thousand four-point paper snowflakes. Now how to get them into a book or onto a poster...

I've decided to go with squares of 25 snowflakes, or 5x5, as the base to give me a 8x5, or 25 snowflake by 40 snowflake, posted print.

But using 25s for the book will put me at the edge of the 40 page price break point, and that won't include title pages and other stuff. So I'll bump up to 36 snowflake, or 6x6, squares. But that won't get me evenly to 1000!

So here's the final breakdown for the book:

27 pages of 36 snowflakes = 972
07 pages of 04 snowflakes = 028
Total number of snowflakes= 1000

So I'll be able to keep everything in squares based on this math!

A Thousand Snowflakes: Completed!

by David on November 22, 2009 0 Comments
I made it to a thousand! Enough said...

Snowflakes 976-1000

by David on November 22, 2009 0 Comments

Snowflakes 951-975

by David on November 20, 2009 0 Comments

Snowflakes 926-950

by David on November 14, 2009 0 Comments

About A Thousand Snowflakes

A Thousand Snowflakes is about the process of making one thousand paper snowflakes, then scanning them and using them in a poster and book.

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